Committed people are thieves.

why lead yourself on to someone that you will NEVER have entirely? DON’T date a married man/woman. Honestly I feel, no matter what they tell you DON’T DO IT. After they mentioned “im married” NOTHING else after that should matter. No, we can’t be friends. We can’t even see eachother anyone. Married people are technical thiefs. If you’re involved in a married individual you’re losing, and being robbed. A married person mind is set up as “I have you, but you DON’T have me” they help you fall in love but in the end they’re WITH THEY’RE HUSBAND/WIFE ! They’ve USED you. Don’t get involved with them and to call yourself falling in love you’re humiliating your whole life !

Just start off by going for your own man/woman. If you’re aware of someone in a relationship just save yourself the stress, ignorance, and tears. Don’t condone yourself into that. Intruding in regular relationships leads to being a victim of a married man because no matter what you may THINK he’ll never leave his wife and if he do trust me, he will do the SAME THING to you !

If he was your ex, LET HIM BE YOUR EX.. the example of what you don’t ever want again.


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All over that .

You’re an awesome person, anything a friend needs you’re there for them. Help? You over do that ! You feel down when you can’t do it but when you get back on your feet you pay that all off! You don’t compete though you’re beautiful you’re not too conceited. Positive criticism only because you’re not judgmental. Ambitious thoughts because you’re trying to make it. When they don’t believe in you, you still believe in YOU! Anything, you’re on it! If its for your child it’s BY ANY MEANS you’ll get it SCRATCH THAT about your child, the child will NEVER go without. When they need to talk, you’re an ear.
Feet hurt, you’ll find a way. When noone else sees you’re that ONLY eye.

but when you need just a shoulder to cry on WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE?! People you think is there for you most times they’re not.

Shalysa has spoken

they paved ways, so why not continue the way?

Our ambition isn’t as strong as it was during the 1930s-1950s. They digested racism and was treated like trash for the majority of they’re lives. To be spit on because you spoke your mind wasn’t a fair thing but for some ignorant reason blacks had no say so.

I adore Jackie Robinson for being humble in his own way. He put up with alot of trash being talked but he’s a very strong man. To be the only African American man on a baseball team full of Whites he stood his grounds. He got his job done to support his family and also because baseball was his passion. We as young African American slack, after knowing what went on we should go out and make something of ourselves.

Fredrick Douglas paved the way for us to read and write. Without Fredrick as a young brilliant slave in his days we could still be struggling for an education. Fredrick was and always will be an astonishing man.
What’s social networks , video games , and even mobile devices without an education? You have to have prior knowledge to learn how to conduct those electronic items.

My all time favorite person. Maya Angelou; Maya encouraged young ambitious writers, author, and poets to continue on they’re writing journeys. Maya helped us understand that it’s a way of letting out emotion and all at once you can be someone through what you like to do !

Most importantly we have Dr.Martin Luther King Jr who help identify the racism ignorance. He fought for our current freedom. He declared speeches and not war. Dr.Martin was a magnificent African American male who knew that one day both blacks and whites would get along. Dr.Martin stood up for his rights and because of his rights he is now deceased.

There are many other African Americans we should really appreciate for what they’ve done for us to be where we are now today.

Think about it as if we were alive back then. We all say what we “would have” done but THINK about what they conquered for us to be able to play sports, learn, and to be set free. These people are amazing and we are too, lets just put they’re worth to use!!

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“The Struggle” โ—

the struggle has no particular individual it aims for. You can be young, mid-age, or even old involved in the struggle. The struggle is when you feel everything has come to an end and it’s too hard to bare life.
As young people most of us look at the struggle as struggling FINANCIALLY ONLY. That’s obviously a branch that’s considered the struggle however, the struggle has other branches as medically, mentally, or even emotionally.

When we say we’ve derived the struggle financially means that their are NO funds avalible from anywhere. Medically struggling is when we’re sickly and no medicine in the world will cure the sickness. Mentally struggling can be when someone’s done something wrong to you to change your entire view on life. Nothing and no one can do anything to get you back happy. Emotionally struggling is when maybe someone close to you has passed and you can’t get over the fact that they’re gone, you tend to thrive on the pass as if things are going to change.

During all struggles turn to god, he’s here to help not only me but you too. Pray when you awake and thank god for breath.

Their are many ways of the struggle and many more ways to get over your struggle !

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All because a mother’s love is unconditional.

My mother is beyond intelligent. when im looking at her, im looking into perfection. A beautiful wife,mother of three, and she’s brilliant. Her grammar is as non-other. Things you THINK she has NO issue saying. she can say the meanest thing in the nicest way. My mother is strong and my father is there to expand her strength. My mother deserves all that she has and more. Growing up hearing her speak enhanced my vocabulary and encouraged me to become a better writer. My mother has a influence on me becoming a writer, author, and talk-show host. My mother is immaculate.๐Ÿ‘‘i pray one day Sanai is able to say the same about me.๐Ÿ’ž

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You’re NOT over him yet if you get mad at what you see. You’re not over him if you stalk his ig, FB, and twitter. You’re not over him if you “hate” him. Posting that ONE throw back Thursday picture of y’all two years ago, you’re not over him. If its been a while and you still don’t talk to anyone, you’re not in a relationship, and you don’t like anyone, YOU’RE NOT OVER HIM! You see it’s been a few years he’s been happy with HER, MOVE ON ! You’re only hurting your self over something that’s GONE, GET OVER HIM!

If you see them in public and you’re able to speak without being phony, saying anything negative, or feeling some kind of way, you’re OVER him. You don’t hate him, you thank him for what you’ve gone through .. You’re over him. You’ve moved on and been through this situation again after HIM, YOU’RE OVER THEM!

Men are our weaknesses and years don’t mean a thing, as fast as you got him he can be gone quicker.

Be mindful ladies, stay smart ladies

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Take deep breaths…

Have you held something in from a family member or a close friend, and you’ve been trying to figure out how to tell them? It’s almost as if its eating you alive thinking about it. Then you’re afraid of what that person may think? Yes! I know the feeling. Just take a deep breath and write them a letter. If that person is true to you the letter will only make you both better. Holding things in is unhealthy.

If that person loves you they will understand, or even try to understand. Think positive ! Your friend only want what’s best for you and it’s your duty to let them know everything to help yourself out also. Holding things in can cramp up stress in your body. Stress can provoke either gaining weight or extreme weight loss, grey hair, and even sickness to your body. Exhaling and telling that person can help you feel relieved no matter the consequence. If your friend doesn’t understand it simply means that they wasn’t your friend from the beginning.

Don’t hold things in, it’s unhealthy

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