don’t judge a book by its cover.

We all go through things, NO ONE is perfect it’s just that some of us have a hard time dealing with it while others pay it no worry until it worsens. Some of us can peruse happiness when our entire world is up side down. No matter how perfect may seem to be its not exactly true. Some of us go through emotional stress when something’s been bothering us for a while, it could be the death of someone or even the lost of love. Many of us go through physical situations where we contemplate on our looks and the shape of our body. Others of us have worries of where the next dollar is coming from. Financial stress! As money has been claimed to be the root of all evil it also makes the world goes around. Without money there will be both emotional and physical stress. Take each day at a time and never just jump to a conclusion on what you may think someone is going through or how you may think that person feel. We all go through things just take it a day at a time.

Shalysa has spoken..


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