Exercise the correct way of speaking..

Ignorance is in the air when we talk down on people who talk the CORRECT way. Most of us may call it “talking white” but it’s PROPERLY CORRECT , especially in a place of business. In life you have to know how to be yourself and impress people ONLY to get by in life. NOT impress them with what you have but with what you can do to get what you need in life. Why be hood all your life? I mean if that’s where you came from you should have a story to tell and that story can have you living better and it can also be an example for others. Some of us learn the correct way of speaking, others it just rubs off on us. Either way it’s not a bad thing in fact people that utilize the correct way of speaking get very far in life. Stop the stupidity and gain more knowledge.

Shalysa has spoken..


One thought on “Exercise the correct way of speaking..

  1. I cannot tell you how much I’ve heard “you sound white.” The fact that I choose to speak PROPER English is being associated with a damn race. We all know as a Black person in America you catch hell and personally, I think that statement is basically implying that as an African American I should not enlighten myself rather than stick to the status quo and leave all the superiority to the Whites. Um, no thanks.

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