we’ve all experienced a heart break..

Have you ever had your heart broken? I know older people may say “that’s nothing you’re still young” but I think we may have an idea of what it’s like to have our heart broken. It’s like a slow steep feeling in your chest, extra long days and night you just feel like dien. Thoughts like “why me? Why me?” Visions of that person and what it was like. It’s like it all happen over something so little when you thought the cause of it all would have been something much bigger. Heart break is like a point of failure you feel you’ve came across in life. Like you’re fallen and laid right there for a couple of days. Heart breaks create day long headaches. Creating blandness in foods you’re forced to eat, it forms a widower in your throat after not been able to speak for a couple of days. Heart breaks crests fear in relationships. It have to thinking crazy like nothing and no one else will ever matter again. Heart breaks are bad for your health but you’re also able to break through them. They are great lessons and leave wonderful tips to learn from. Heart breaks are powerful and armed with force to get you to believe that relationships are bad but they’re not.. That’s my feeling of a broken heart, what’s yours?

Shalysa has spoken.


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