don’t conduct unhappiness because you’re unhappy.

Never involve yourself in someone that’s committed to someone else. It’s a clearly loathly. You’re everything under negative and it’s not right at all. That’s when karma will REALLY hit you. Whether the person is in a relationship, talking seriously, engaged, or married. You know they’re together so why try to mess that up? Instead of trying to be a “home wrecker” go get your own man/woman. You first have NO respect for yourself and your actions reflect the way you were raised. People that try to break up happy homes are UNHAPPY. It dont matter if yall use to talk, if thats your child’s mother/child’s father, or ex. So what! Forgive them and you don’t have to hold a grudge just MOVE ON, things happen just handle your business in that category and leave the past where its at. I don’t care what they say THEY ARE REALLY HURTING INSIDE and the person that goes along with it deserves to be left! Letting someone break up your relationship you yourself should feel stupid. DON’T LET NO-LIFERS tare you apart, be STRONGER than they appear to be. One day after they’ve learned they’re lesson they may be happy and feel the same way. Remember it takes two people to create a relationship and to also stick with the relationship. If you love your spouse LOVE YOUR SPOUSE and “home wreckers” do us a favor and FIND YOUR OWN MAN/WOMAN… Some people even end up hurt behind suggestion is, DO YOUR RESEARCH behind situations..

Shalysa has spoken


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