we are all the same..

Everyone’s talking DIFFERENT but we all look to be the same. DON’T THINK you’re better than anyone because the bottom of your shoes are red. Just like you have them TODAY they can be gone TOMORROW especially if you’re not getting it the correct way. Looking down on people can hurt you in the long run. Knowing how to balance out the curves in life-why not be a helping hand ? It’s always something others can learn from you. You can both be rappers but ones vocabulary can be more demented than the others and to assist is being skillful. At the end of time were all the same and only one man looks down upon us all. That’s why material things don’t excite me anymore. If its not for my child no need to enlighten me anymore. You have people that live for other people like for example:CONCERTS , we go crazy for celebrities that are people JUST LIKE US and the only difference is, is that THEY WILL NEVER CARE ABOUT US. I mean if you adore a certain person it’s fun to support them but doing too much will contribute to you losing in life. Doing the worst to have what the next person have gets old. Just look across to your peers, lets help each other grow and STOP looking down when we’re all the same. THE FUTURE COUNTS MOST!

Shalysa has spoken.


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