Shalysa L Howard ..

I Sit In Dark Quiet Rooms To camouflage MY Feelings, I Write everything down that comes to mind, It’s Like MY Heart Tells An On Going Story ..or is it that MY words arent to be mistaken? It May Seem insensible To You but the future is mine. Pulling From ALL Aspects Of Life, Im A Person Of deviation, I Strive For Success, I Can Careless About MOST Things and Get All Into Some… Im twenty years old, with a one year old daughter of vastness. I don’t have goals i have “KNOWS” because I KNOW i will succeed with outstanding accomplishments. My Question To Readers is: why settle for nothing when you can be THE BEST ?.. If you’re a supporter, SUPORT. If you’re gonna hate, stay in your own area. Life is based on the decisions we make and no one can mess us up besides ourselves. I Am UR Future..

Shalysa has spoken..


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