Live for yourself NOT others.

When making right decisions you smile more, you laugh often and you will see great results in life. Life is based upon your own decisions NOT anyone else’s. if we all mind our own business that will help also. Do what helps you !! If you want to do something and your “friend” disagree they’re not your friend. When you have a friend NO MATTER how wrong the situation is they tend to bring the RIGHT Out of that situation. Especially when the situation will make you happy. If you go around trying to please others you will remain unhappy. Set aside what others may think about what you do, ignore the negative feed back and just go for it. Everything done has reasoning behind it even if its weird it’s still a reason for it taking place. Why stress your self out being double minded about what you shouldn’t or should do? The stress is killed when you jump up and GO GET IT ! We have to live for who makes us proud, the reason we grind is to see our kids shine. Others has no liability that’s why we should stick to ourselves and what we want to do. There’s reasoning for it all and do what suites you best !


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