let racism die..

Racism isn’t just what we went through when Martin Luther King jr had dreams but its also ignorance that exceeds a persons verbal and physical character. As people we should know to THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK. What comes out of our mouths can really scar us for life. When people speak on what color they want they’re child to be is considered a form of racism. Why does it matter what color your child is? As long as your child is healthy you should be very satisfied. Stop being ignorant. Believe it or not racism is the way we choose our spouse. Why does it matter if a persons hair is too light or if they’re of a different race ? It shouldn’t matter if he or she wears glasses or don’t wear the latest Jordans. Racism is making evil remarks like “oh she dresses like a Haitian” how does Haitians dress? In fact I know of many that dress very nice. Im not saying choose anyone but let’s just help each other out. Instead of making fun of people lets try to say something nice about them or even help them find ways to make things better. Racism is a petty crime we as young individual don’t take serious. Some of us mature faster than others but if we know better why not start now?!

Shalysa has spoken ..


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