What’s a friend to you?

Someone of us have best-friends that don’t qualify to be a friend from the beginning. If your loyalty is questioned you’re not that friend you claim to be. After these spoken words you wouldn’t be able to name THREE. Friends come In all sorts, positive ones to be exact. A friend is a person you can talk to, spend time with, and even consider loyal. When going through hardships in life a friend is someone to help push you through those hardships. If you have spouse issues your friend will let you know whether you should stay or leave that person depending on the situation. When you hurt your friend hurt. When you’re really in need your friend is there for you. When there’s something you can’t do your friend will be able to back you up and do what you can’t. If your friend can’t do it at the time they feel bad and make it up to you. A friend is someone who will stay up all night with you to make sure that you’re comfortable in life. A friend is someone who takes you for who you are and you don’t have to portray to be anyone else for them. A friend is someone that could tell you if something’s not right, someone whose never afraid to tell you what LOOKS GOOD!! The word friend is an understatement if you really have a true one. A friend is someone that will do ANYTHING for you and then again a friend is something that will let you know you don’t have to do everything and that they’ll meet you half way. A friend is a person that understands, a person that’s there to help you heal and a person who will protect you from any harm thats bound to come your way. A friend makes you laugh and also helps you forget about all that you may be going through. You have argued with your friend and you guys are cool the same day, you can fight your friend and everything’s back to normal as if nothing happened. A friend is someone you consider close to you, someone that not only say they love you but shows it also. A friend is much more than what I’m speaking a friend is EVERYTHING …

Shalysa has spoken ..


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