letter to Sanai..

How could someone so young have such a huge impact on my life? You can barely talk but we whole full heart to heart conversations. You’re so short but if height was measured by beauty you’ll be one million feet tall. I come home from a long day not wanting to be bothered but when I see you it’s like I RE-ENERGIZE. You smile when NOTHING’S funny and you’re barely sad. Your happiness lets me know that I’m doing my job as a mother, a care taker and an awesome parent. You’re weird and crazier than most. When I’m down I always know that you love me most. I can’t think negative when you’re around it’s like since you’ve been born my life continues to go around. You’re the breath that I speak and you have my lips. You’re the ear that hears what you want to but when I’m serious you REALLY hear. You’re my pride and nothing below it you’re above everything and you know it.. Mommy loves you lady Sanai 💋

Shalysa has Spoken..


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