Prioritizing Horribly…

Right from wrong is simply the obvious. Obvious is what appears to be true facts !!! There are things that we prioritize that we really shouldn’t. It’s okay starting off but when you know correct from incorrect that’s where the issue comes in at. Most of us flexing our designer things, riding around in our friends cars and STAYING with our parents. PRIORITIES !!! Don’t think it’s cute to have on thousand dollar shoes and your child is in need of many things. Buying all kinds of clothes because you’re living off of your parents. HELP your parents I mean there’s always room for improvement!! Why keep renting vehicles when you can have YOUR OWN car. Why try to go all out and be “foreign” (like everyone else) when you can invest that money into something else to make MORE money. Thats whats wrong with US, we live life trying to impress EACHOTHER and were raising our children to be as such. LETS CHANGE it up, WHO CARES about what you have now it should be about the future and the positive you plan to accomplish. After you have children you have to THINK!! Think about how they’re life may be without you and KARMA hits HARD!! School, school is a GREAT LOOK to PEOPLE but if you have other priorities TAKE CARE of that first.. REMEMBER school DON’T pay your bills, do what’s best for YOU and YOURS!!

Shalysa has Spoken💕💋


2 thoughts on “Prioritizing Horribly…

  1. I really don’t understand y ppl wast their time on martial things that’s not gone last and y they try to keep up with the jones and try to live a hold nother life which not true… Be your self and let ppl see the real you and forget what the next person say because they don’t pay your bills… Keep up the great work Hun!👏💞

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