Immaturity kills…

who ever came up with the word immaturity? Lies, petty situations, and to never come forward knowingly. Being immature is the lack of a persons mindset through physical a content, the ignorance in which a person continues to portray. Immaturity is being negative to get a response from others, it’s a nasty manner an individual use to show they’re actions. Immaturity is provoking a decrease in the age in which you really are. Girls and boys are immature and they do things for props. One who gives props to immature people is one whose immature themselves. Immaturity is a stage of jealousy in which it kills. It not only murders the mind but the self-esteem in which you try to convey. If you consider yourself MATURE keep your business off of social net work and between you and that other individual. Handle your business as the person you continue to be. Get AHEAD in life, and don’t let a down talk be your downfall !! A WOMAN/MAN IS MATURE because all that goes on in her life you have NO idea about.

Shalysa has spoken💕💋


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