the right way..

To have him hold you like he loves you, look you in your eyes as if he’s loyal and talk to you as if he’s there and all along he’s not. A relationship isn’t about sex it’s about getting to know your significant other. Many of us scream THREE YEARS proudly and he don’t even know our favorite color. We’re screaming we’re IN LOVE and can’t even say why we feel that way. In a relationship we have to stay strong and true to each other. When it starts to get a bit boring we have to find ways to spice it back up! NO ONE wants to be hurt and hurt bring along fear, fear that will make you become spiteful, bitter, and angry with someone for a nature that’s embedded in they’re character. Life’s way too short for tears we should smile happily!! LOVE YOURSELF FIRST before you THINK you love someone else, god is ALWAYS first and in that order you shall succeed !!! #RealTalks #OpinionsAreAccepted #ItsShalysa


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