all men aren’t the same…

All men are diffrent. I mean most of them carry similar traits but they all are different. It’s normal for a girl to get dogggged out by one, two, or maybe three different men but in the conclusion their will always be that man that come along and fulfill her every WANT ! The man that was always different from the previous little boys, the man that can care less about the past, the man that you see eye to eye with.. THAT MAN !!! Most of us females are living too fast and we rather be with the one that the STREETS KNOW rather than the one that will help us grow. We want the one that’ll take us through the dirt and to extreme hurt. Ignorance is bliss!! I was once that girl, everything I’m speaking on I WAS HER.. I was also that girl who continued to scream ALL MEN ARE DIFFERENT that’s why if the current one isn’t for you GO AND GET ANOTHER ONE… Everyone can’t play you, learn, live, and EAT the game !! #RealTalks #OpinionsAreAccepted #ItsShalysa !!


2 thoughts on “all men aren’t the same…

  1. I always said all men wasn’t the same. They do have alot of similarities though. But the way a man acts & treats you most of the time depends on the type of person you are & how you conduct yourself as a women.

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