are you a YOUNG MOTHER or just a MOTHER ?

twenty, and my opinions are STRONG! Studies may show that since im not technically married, I’m single but physically im NOT single. My child is pride no one could ever bare to confiscate from me. YES, im a mother at a young age but i wouldn’t consider myself a YOUNG MOTHER anymore. I’m actually a MOTHER and I also have more together than you think. Young mothers are mothers that had a chance to birth her child before “things weren’t together”. Mothers that the world considers young and they let people manipulate them into believing that they fall under the YOUNG MOTHER category. Your age is a number and how you act triggers your title as a mother itself. You can be a seventeen year old mother with your life totally together and people will find a reason to talk down on you but #careLESS ! Not only having your own everything makes you a mother but knowing the ways of life in which it benefits your child’s educational and mental needs is being a mother. YOUNG MOTHERS decrease in life when they choose clubs over they’re children, use social networks to endure failure, and provoke negativity on they’re children’s doing. Young mothers are happy when they’re child learn songs on the radio and mothers are over joyed when they’re child learns his or her ABCs and or numbers. Mothers take the time out to have fun and find things to do WITH they’re child. I was ONCE a young mother and I’m proud to say I’ve grown to become a MOTHER.. #OpinionsAreACCEPTED #RealTalks #itsSHALYSA ..


4 thoughts on “are you a YOUNG MOTHER or just a MOTHER ?

  1. Couldn’t Have Said It Better You Have A True Gift When It Comes To Writing. Keep Up The Good Work I Would Love To Read More !

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