don’t judge a book by its cover.

We all go through things, NO ONE is perfect it’s just that some of us have a hard time dealing with it while others pay it no worry until it worsens. Some of us can peruse happiness when our entire world is up side down. No matter how perfect may seem to be its not exactly true. Some of us go through emotional stress when something’s been bothering us for a while, it could be the death of someone or even the lost of love. Many of us go through physical situations where we contemplate on our looks and the shape of our body. Others of us have worries of where the next dollar is coming from. Financial stress! As money has been claimed to be the root of all evil it also makes the world goes around. Without money there will be both emotional and physical stress. Take each day at a time and never just jump to a conclusion on what you may think someone is going through or how you may think that person feel. We all go through things just take it a day at a time.

Shalysa has spoken..


failure is for the WEAK!

If your mind is set on a particular situation. GO FOR IT! DON’T LET anyone change your mind about what YOU want to do. If you don’t follow your first mind that thought will continue to linger. You will continuously think back on what you should have done and who you shouldn’t have listened to. During your thoughts remember you owe NO ONE an explanation to why you want to do what YOU WANT TO DO. Do it because its what you’ve planned to do, find all of the right reasons to do it, if anyone talks against you laugh and SHOW them YOU CAN DO IT. Follow your plans and be your own main man. You can ALWAYS be true to YOURSELF and failure remains for the WEAK !

Shalysa has spoken..

better off.


“I’m of BETTER .. I stop confronting EVERYTHING I’ve heard and started praying about it. I stop arguing and started LISTENING, I stop depending on the LOYALTY of others. I stayed loyal to MYSELF, I stop jumping to conclusion I let it all narrow down.. We are all entitled to our own opinion and I’ve ACCEPTED that. Some of us have to lie to get by and others honestly have it.. I oppose negative, I’m doing BETTER “

Exercise the correct way of speaking..

Ignorance is in the air when we talk down on people who talk the CORRECT way. Most of us may call it “talking white” but it’s PROPERLY CORRECT , especially in a place of business. In life you have to know how to be yourself and impress people ONLY to get by in life. NOT impress them with what you have but with what you can do to get what you need in life. Why be hood all your life? I mean if that’s where you came from you should have a story to tell and that story can have you living better and it can also be an example for others. Some of us learn the correct way of speaking, others it just rubs off on us. Either way it’s not a bad thing in fact people that utilize the correct way of speaking get very far in life. Stop the stupidity and gain more knowledge.

Shalysa has spoken..

we’ve all experienced a heart break..

Have you ever had your heart broken? I know older people may say “that’s nothing you’re still young” but I think we may have an idea of what it’s like to have our heart broken. It’s like a slow steep feeling in your chest, extra long days and night you just feel like dien. Thoughts like “why me? Why me?” Visions of that person and what it was like. It’s like it all happen over something so little when you thought the cause of it all would have been something much bigger. Heart break is like a point of failure you feel you’ve came across in life. Like you’re fallen and laid right there for a couple of days. Heart breaks create day long headaches. Creating blandness in foods you’re forced to eat, it forms a widower in your throat after not been able to speak for a couple of days. Heart breaks crests fear in relationships. It have to thinking crazy like nothing and no one else will ever matter again. Heart breaks are bad for your health but you’re also able to break through them. They are great lessons and leave wonderful tips to learn from. Heart breaks are powerful and armed with force to get you to believe that relationships are bad but they’re not.. That’s my feeling of a broken heart, what’s yours?

Shalysa has spoken.

don’t conduct unhappiness because you’re unhappy.

Never involve yourself in someone that’s committed to someone else. It’s a clearly loathly. You’re everything under negative and it’s not right at all. That’s when karma will REALLY hit you. Whether the person is in a relationship, talking seriously, engaged, or married. You know they’re together so why try to mess that up? Instead of trying to be a “home wrecker” go get your own man/woman. You first have NO respect for yourself and your actions reflect the way you were raised. People that try to break up happy homes are UNHAPPY. It dont matter if yall use to talk, if thats your child’s mother/child’s father, or ex. So what! Forgive them and you don’t have to hold a grudge just MOVE ON, things happen just handle your business in that category and leave the past where its at. I don’t care what they say THEY ARE REALLY HURTING INSIDE and the person that goes along with it deserves to be left! Letting someone break up your relationship you yourself should feel stupid. DON’T LET NO-LIFERS tare you apart, be STRONGER than they appear to be. One day after they’ve learned they’re lesson they may be happy and feel the same way. Remember it takes two people to create a relationship and to also stick with the relationship. If you love your spouse LOVE YOUR SPOUSE and “home wreckers” do us a favor and FIND YOUR OWN MAN/WOMAN… Some people even end up hurt behind suggestion is, DO YOUR RESEARCH behind situations..

Shalysa has spoken

Shalysa L Howard ..

I Sit In Dark Quiet Rooms To camouflage MY Feelings, I Write everything down that comes to mind, It’s Like MY Heart Tells An On Going Story ..or is it that MY words arent to be mistaken? It May Seem insensible To You but the future is mine. Pulling From ALL Aspects Of Life, Im A Person Of deviation, I Strive For Success, I Can Careless About MOST Things and Get All Into Some… Im twenty years old, with a one year old daughter of vastness. I don’t have goals i have “KNOWS” because I KNOW i will succeed with outstanding accomplishments. My Question To Readers is: why settle for nothing when you can be THE BEST ?.. If you’re a supporter, SUPORT. If you’re gonna hate, stay in your own area. Life is based on the decisions we make and no one can mess us up besides ourselves. I Am UR Future..

Shalysa has spoken..