What’s a friend to you?

Friends are people who are dependable to each other emotionally , mentally, physically, and spiritually.

A friend is someone you can have a conversation with and you don’t have to worry about it getting out to other people. You and your friend should be able to have a disagreement and still can live as friends because it isn’t bothersome.

A friend is someone who will check on you, if you’re going through something they know ways to comfort you; a friend also knows your limits.

Not talking daily does not have a burden on your friendship as friends. A friend would sense an issue without you having to say something is wrong.

A friend understands you as a friend and is able to work things out to keep a wanted friendship.

Everyone is not a friend, but as we grow we will notice more.

It’s Shalysa.


Happy New Year

It’s a new year, a fresh start. We have set new goals and new ways we’re going to reach each and every goal. Last year may not have been the best but be blessed and thankful we made it through. Now is the time where we put our complaining to rest and work hard.

Last year I got into two rear end car accidents, my first car was totaled, and my current car is in the shop and I’m praying it goes back to normal. I didn’t do everything I needed to do, I lacked on certain things I said I would do, and though I graduated I didn’t put my all into school. I’ve started my graduate degree with prayers of becoming an adolescent psychologist soon but I didn’t do all that I could. All of that is enough for me to realize I have to do better.

If I can do it, anyone can. Don’t let what did or did not happen last year have an effect on what happens this year. Start that business you’ve been contemplating, study hard to pass that test, and go that extra mile!!

2018 is yours!!

Happy New Years

Loyalty over history

You can be cool with someone for years and it’s called history. History doesn’t stop someone from feeling, thinking, or saying things and still being cool with you. History doesn’t stop them from going in and out of character, not living up to commitments, or even speaking to you daily knowing something’s wrong… but Loyalty over weighs history because you can just meet someone and they can be real with you from the beginning. Loyalty gives limits and it’s anti-negativity.

I have people who’ve been around me for less than a year whose more loyal to me than people who’ve been around for 10 or more years. That’s friends and family. I can grow apart from someone and still never give off things we went through or talked about, that’s loyalty!

Anyone can be loyal to you whether they are associates, friends, or family members and it’s not hard. Just be real with one as you would want them to be real with you. Loyalty speaks for it self, and out weighs history any day.

Don’t be afraid to grow apart from people and meet new people who are more like you. I rather one loyal person than a bunch of people whose been around for no positive reason.

I know this may have hit home and some people can relate but …it’s life

It’s Shalysa.



If it’s something you really want to do,focus on just that. Often times we get distracted by things that will not help us get to where we want and that causes a set back in our lives. It’s easy to get off track for some of us but for others we do anything necessary to do what we have to do.

I’m a person who is 89% focused and it’s something that has hindered me in the past. At times I’m so focused that no one in the world can redirect my attention but all it takes is for me to say “you need a break” and just like that I turn my own attention else where. So their were different ways I came up with to stay focused. I decided to write daily notes and quotes to myself regarding staying focused along with reasons why it’s extremely important. I’m a leader to my daughter and whatever I do she may feel it’s okay for her to do as well.

Create a way that’s easier for you to remain focused on your goals or whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Let’s see how well it works for you and I both.

It’s Shalysa !

You’re first!

As human a lot of us spend so much time making sure everyone else is fine when we forget to put that same effort into ourselves.

For a long time I was always that one person that would stop everything I’m doing to help whoever, even if that meant me being without or risking something. I always felt entitled to find a way out of none for people who I’m realizing will never put that same energy in for me.

As I get older I realize more and more why certain people worry about themselves and have that “if I can’t do it I can’t do it” attitude. They seem happier overall.

As people we should always put ourselves first and not feel bad for not being able to do things or be there for everyone all the time.

Im further than ever with putting myself first and still have some growing to do…

It’s Shalysa !

You have yourself!

When things get tougher , a great change is coming soon. We might feel like we have no one, or it’s nothing that can be done but as long as we keep faith, their will be a break through.

It can be the job you want to leave but cannot because of the responsibilities. It can be a friendship that’s not as strong as it was before, it can be s relationship that has some issues or your life generally.

If no one is there for you, you should be. As long as we continue to strive it creates strength in which keeps things moving two steps closer to being successful.

When it gets tough think of the original reason you started.

It’s Shalysa

Being Strong

Being strong,

When you are a strong person everyone feels as though you have everything under control and that you may never need help with anything. One thing about a strong person is that they can be strong for certain situations and for others some sort of assistance may be needed. Even strong people have a breaking point.

In a relationship your spouse may always see you as the strong one and in the event you call out to them for something physical or mental that you’re usually able to do alone they might not take it as serious.. they’re use to you making a away. This then brings other unintentional issues.

In a friendship you might be the go to friend, when everyone needs help you’re the one whose there to help and when you’re in need of the help everyone expects you to pull through on your own.

Strong people has weak points, so if you’re the strong person in these situations try to cut back more to be your own shoulder to lean on in these cases. If you’re a friend or spouse of a strong person try to be there for them more and know when to offer assistance without being asked to as that strong person is always there for you.

It’s Shalysa.